As a male therapist the past week has been an inspiring one. I had work with clients with incredibly varied expectations and needs both physically and psychologically and I have been asking myself, “What is it I do exactly?“ So what is gay massage? Or even more essential, why and how do we use the gay therapy in our life?

Well, we use is it as a painkiller, healing, to boost immunity, improve flexibility, reduce stress, it fends off headaches, it boosts your mood, it helps you get to now your body and its limits, it makes exercise feel easier, it can help with sleeping problems,  and many other reasons.

When you receive a gay massage you should ask yourself  what you seeking from your session? Are you looking for relief from a specific physical pain? Or maybe you just need someone to pet your head and tell you it’s all going to be okay. There is no right or wrong way to use massage. One function is not more legitimate than another, they are all in service of our human lives.

When you have some clarity as to what you are after, you can communicate that to your male massage therapist or bodyworker. In this way you communicates your needs and wishes and in turn your gay/male therapist can better help you.

Not knowing why you are getting a gay massage can also be a good place to be. Even after all this time, you are still getting heavenly bodywork from other practitioners who blend their techniques and experiences you never even knew were possible in the realm of touch. It’s really important for you to remain teachable and open to new experiences and not come to a session with a ‘this-is-the-only-way-a-gay-massage-should-feel’ kind of attitude.

If you have a strict definition of what gay massage is you wouldn’t be able to continue to grow as a therapist or as a receiver.

I continuously keep changing the blend of techniques and the flow of mysessions. I just follow my intuition, I feel the energy of our session, and mostly everything just happens!

Marcello @ SignatureGayMassage.com


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