Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practice today and a tantra massage or TANTRIC GAY MASSAGE has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years and has been used throughout cultures across the world. It was used for spiritual purposes and was believed to have remarkable sexual healing powers and also brought you closer to god. So how has something so revered and important reputation been dragged through the mud. in today’s society most people wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between gay tantric massage and prostitution when in reality they are worlds apart, lets take a look at some of the most notable differences.

GAY TANTRIC MASSAGE is a great and highly revered skill that takes years to perfect. At SIGNATURE GAY MASSAGE the masseur have gone through training and learnt a number of different techniques and been given the time to experiment and perfect his own style, so no two massages will be exactly the same. However the overall goal remains the same. Through a series of stroking and caressing motions triggering the body’s sensitive pressure points, they gradually build up and reduce the body’s natural energy. By doing this several times, the act of increasing and decreasing the flow energy makes the final climax something special and completely unique.

The TANTRIC GAY MASSAGE at Signature is totally about the client receiving and surrendering into the experience, it is in that place and space that something amazing happens to them. Prolonged orgasm following your session, is one of the results of a genuine gay tantric massage. When a client is occupied with what they are doing with the service provider, they are coming from the space of their “mind” not from the senses and will then lose 90% of what is possible to experience within a genuine tantric experience.

The breathing practice is vital in a genuine tantric experience and if you are able to leave all your worries outside your session and be totally present and connected to your breath it will move you from your mind into your sensory and into another space of being and into a place of surrender and receiving unconditionally. In that space you will experience things that you would not have ever dreamed of in your wildest imagination.

While no one can dispute the pleasure that comes with a tantric massage and the happiness you exert after experiencing one. But something that has been overlooked for many years are the physical health benefits that come with massage. While medical professionals have the known the benefits of deep tissue massage on muscle injuries, it’s beginning to appear that there is no limit to the health benefits of massage. In fact they are now being used as part of long term treatments for people recovering from serious illnesses and people suffering from bouts of depression.

So if you were a little unsure when starting this blog, I hope it has helped clear the area. There are little if any comparisons to be made with prostitution and those who practice the art of tantric massage should be praised and revered. to experience this magical art form for yourself, simply contact Signature Gay Massage and we can arrange an appointment at your nearest convenience.

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