London is home to pretty much anything anyone would ever want from a city. It’s got all the usual offerings and pretty much every niche one too. With experiences ranging from adrenalin-fuelled white-water rafting to trending bars found in former public toilets, ski lessons to treasure hunts and unusual diner experiences.

I’m a fan of fine dining as well as greasy spoon restaurants (all in moderation of course) but this got me looking out for more unique dining experiences in London and around the world. I discovered that culinary experiences don’t need to be confined to traditional restaurant settings, especially when traveling.

If you are a gay man, bi or curious, alone in London and looking for some entertainment, the pop-up restaurant “The Dining Experience” at Signature Gay Massage can be your perfect choice. Personally tailored to your expectation the possibilities are endless. Choose a specific gourmet menu, add to it a male massage treatment or a boyfriend experience, maybe a movie after diner with a bottle of wine and you can even stay over and wake up for a healthy breakfast.



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