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In this post, I would like to bring the juicy topic of the male orgasm, giving you the scoop on how to differentiate among the different types and, more importantly, how to experience them for ourselves.

Let’s just start with the basics: Any orgasm is a good orgasm. But what most men don’t know is that you can experience five different kinds of orgasm through tantra.

I recently worked with a men who said he wasn’t “sure” if he had ever had an orgasm. I said, “Dude, if you had an orgasm you would know it!“

Tantric orgasms are about rejecting shame, rejecting judgment, and breathing into the moment—whether you’ve never experienced an orgasm or have had thousands.

Tantric massage, often considered “next level” massage, is all about exploration, empowerment, and enjoyment. It’s about taking pleasure beyond just the physical.

Orgasms are important spiritually because they get you out of your head and into your body. At the moment of orgasm, you lose your ego—the sense of being isolated from the source.

Mentally, orgasms put you in a state of relaxation. They fill the body with hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. All these chemicals make you feel happy.

The state of orgasm is also a state of very high energy—like an electricity that runs from your genitals through your spine and whole nervous system. This is what gives you that “orgasmic glow” all day.

So, want to have an orgasm, or two, or ten? Here are five unique ways to engage mind, body, and spirit—and have a great orgasm!

1. Ejaculator

This is the general type of orgasm that many men experience every time they have sex. It doesn’t require much effort on your part to achieve it and it results in the ejaculation of your sperm. There is literally no control over pelvic thrusting or when you reach this orgasm unless you work to control it.

2. Prostate

On either side of the prostate are nerves that control erections. These nerves can be stimulated through prostate touching and stroking. This orgasm is conjured by consistently stimulating the prostate gland either with a finger or through a toy. On my Prostate Massage often I get clients who find difficult to relax and they don’t succeed on a prostate orgasm. Men can achieve this orgasm only when they are fully relaxed and into the stimulation.

3. Pelvic orgasm

Men can actually learn to hold their orgasm and send the energy rushing back into their pelvic region simply by practicing. Self-control is largely an untaught trick in the area of sexual satisfaction, but it really can provide a more intense and pleasurable orgasm if you learn to do it correctly. If you would like to feel a pelvic orgasm you have to relax your mind and control your bodily functions prior to orgasm. Hold back your ejaculation and send it back through your body for a full pelvic orgasm.

4. Whole Body or Blended Orgasm

The whole body orgasm stimulates both nerve pathways that are connected to the pelvic region. Once both the pelvic and the spinal regions are fully engaged you will experience a blended orgasm that fully stimulates your entire body. If you want to feel the most amazing sensation you could ever imagine then this is the orgasm you want to experience. You can engage both sensations by getting both penis and prostate stimulation.

5. Anal Orgasm

Most men like to steer clear of any backdoor action, but if you let down your guard and ignore your instincts then an anal orgasm can be the amazing experience of your life. You can have your boyfriend or girl play with your backside or have him/her use anal beads to reach orgasm anally. You may not think it is possible but in reality you can achieve this type of orgasm with your boy/girl and enjoy feeling a sensation you may never have.

As men we tend to be engaged primarily by the physical sensations and the sight of our partner naked. We are driven by our need to procreate but we are so much more than that. If we dare to explore the depths of our manly desires we might reach a place we could have never imagined.

For more of SignatureGayMassage’s insights on the tantric approach to massage, sex and relationships, explore my BLOG, and don’t forget to book your Tantric Gay Massage or the Signature Massage for the full experience.

Happy orgasm to you all, Marcello @ SignatureGayMassage

Below some funny facts about male orgasm.



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