Before I started my trip around Asia last January I knew I wanted to include a massage course upgrade to my itinerary, it was on my way to Panglao Island in the Philippines which was notoriously difficult to get to (we took a flight, a tricycle taxi, a ferry and a v-hire van to get there from Singapore) that I get in contact for the first time with blind masseurs.

Upon my arrival to Tagbilaran Port in Bohol after a sweaty day of bumpy, dirty travel, I saw those people all dressed in white clothes giving massage to people on a corner of the port. I was instantly attracted to that space so was when I realise those people were all blinds. As we had to catch another Van I had no time to speak with them but it was when I start looking online to do my massage course with them. I found an organisation of blind masseurs in Puerto Princesa, a city in the Philippines I would be spending some time in the following week.

After wrapping up a luxuriously lazy 1 week on the pristine and remotes beaches of Bohol and Panglao my next plan was to head on to the rugged and (if pictures aren’t lying) stunning island of Palawan. Well, it was PURE PARADISE. Elected the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan is definitely the island to go to in the Philippines (more precise at the city of El Nido, the most beautiful part of this big island).

After 1 more week of untouched islands, empty little beach paradises (all for ourselves), stunning sea life, self guided meditation and yoga by the sea,  was time to get in contact with the organisation of blind masseurs in Puerto Princesa.

First I took advantage of the massage to myself: a massage by Caloy, a blind kid who was born with a degenerative condition (whereby he could see perfectly as a child but last year – as he puts it – “all went dark”). It was the best massage I have ever had.

I learnt that there are blind massage places all over Asia, notably in Malaysia and China, but from what I can tell, no other country has as many as the Philippines. This is because the Philippine government actually subsidies massage school for blind people so that they can have a trade/profession within a society that doesn’t leave much room for adults who are not fully capable physically. As a result, you can find blind massage parlours set up in ferry terminals, airports, bus stations and any other major transportation hub in addition to the usual stand-alone places.

In a country were the physically-abled find life challenging I found their story refreshing and inspiring.

I made friendship with Caloy and few more of his friends. Every Friday and Saturday night during Puerto Princesa’s weekend open market sighted Elena along with her non sighted husband Ditas and a group from her organization set up a stand in the Puerto Princesa’s pedestrian area. Here for a remarkably cheap 200-peso-for-half-body massage. That’s less than 4 US Dollar.

It was Ernel, a 30-something year old blind boy, standing nearby. His English was excellent. He’d been practicing online with chat mates in USA and the UK. With Ernel’s help I soon got introduced to all the staff, and, was thrown into the deep end of gray humor that they constantly thrive on. Laughter is common place amongst the staff.

It’s all out in the open air, and one remains fully clothed. I spent a full day with the group, watching and chatting.

The Blind masseurs’ friendliness  showed me another side of Filipino life. They invited me to a promotional day time free massage they were having next day. It was here learned a lot more about them all.

Ernel was made blind by an accident when he was 12. After that his parents felt over protective of him. He didn’t go out, and could do little. Then, through a friend, he found an opening: a massage course. Fighting the will of his parents, he completed his course and gained employment. Now he earns a living, and makes his own way from home, to work at weekends.

Joel another extremely funny and friendly guy came from Davao where he attended the Philippine School for the Blind. He moved to Puerto Princesa 5 years ago to work as a masseur. Now he’s got a girlfriend and doesn’t intend leaving any time soon.

Two things struck me about the blind Masseurs of Puerto Princesa. The first was the incredible sense of humor they all have.

“Can I take a picture with your camera?” Joel asked.

At first I didn’t know what to say? Then they would all break out in laughter as they won a humorous victory over me. Several would then begin teasing each other on their respective boyfriends.

And so the banter would continue: smiles emblazoned on the faces of those that can only feel laughter.

The other thing I noticed is that being blind gives one an incredible ability to use ones hands. Nene, who’s from Boracay, asked me if I want a firm massage, or soft. I opted for firm. Like a professional sports masseuse her expert hands made magic on my back.

They all work from 6pm until midnight. Elena the sighted girl uses some of the proceeds to help run the house that many of the masseuses live in. Here they have a computer that they use to help chat with people around the world and improve on their language and cultural knowledge. Elena prints off and reads emails on a daily basis to everyone. They’re hoping to one day be able to afford a legitimate license of the JAWS computer software that lets a computer be operated by a blind person, but it’s seriously expensive.

I asked the guys about the biggest difficulty they had in the Philippines. I expected to hear them say ‘getting around’. But instead they said it was simply acceptance from their own people. Acceptance in the sense that they can work in normal jobs, and not looked upon as needy. ‘Give us a chance, train us, and we can do just about anything.’

I then asked if they had a message to the world, what would it be. The answer was immediate.

“Please treat us as normal people … and if you come here, come for a great massage!”

To be honest it was a very emotional two days for me, an experience that I probably will never forget, I laugh, I cried, I changed as a person. An experience that other then learn new massage techniques was a way to make new friends, a lesson to be extremely grateful for LIFE, everyday doesn’t matter what life brings to you just accept it and BE GRATEFUL. Never forget to be KIND to all people around you.

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Every man deserves a good tantric massage! Well, even if you haven’t, you should – because getting a tantric gay massage is probably going to be one of the best things to ever happen to you. Seriously, a delightful butt play, we promise.

Actually, gay or straight, tantric massages are a very pleasing and pleasurable way to an orgasm (yes, even more pleasurable than regular intercourse) and it’s one of those things you simply never forget. A totally different experience!

What, what? In the butt!

Everyone knows that anal pleasure is something spectacular – for both men and women. Thing is, anal is way more pleasurable for men due to prostate closeness but many (straight) guys are on the wire and would never try it. Why? It’s understandable. Anal sexual activity has always dangled on the margins of GayVille and, consequently, homophobia that we can say – rare are the straight guys who have tried it. Truth is, though, with the expansion of straight porn that’s been heavily promoting anal play, things may have changed by now in plenty a household, but we can’t be sure.

In essence, it appears we’ve reached peak anal, so it wouldn’t be fair to stop now. It’s time we’ve moved onto the tantric pleasures.

What’s a tantric massage? Everything.

Tantric massage is the type of massage pressure and technique associated with a sensual touch; with this in mind, tantric massage is perfect for carrying out an erotic massage that focuses on sexual pleasure by using tantric practices. However, with tantric massage – an orgasm isn’t all that one’s getting; the focus of touching and energy is on understanding the skin and all its sensors in order to achieve erotic stimulation and the ultimate pleasure. Tantric massages can be carried out in tantric studios, sex saunas, massage parlors or even while you are in the comfort of your own home… amazing, right? Hey, hey, what you must understand though is that a tantric massage doesn’t involve traditional sexual intercourse (penetration) but while massaged, the receivers are fully nude. And the best part? Multiple orgasms. And we do mean multiple. A tantric orgasm is better than any other orgasm you’ve had before. You’ll see.

Is there any relation to prostate massaging? In a way, yes.

All men know that a prostate massage is a feeling like no other; gay man know this very well as they are sexually focused on the anal area while straight men may have guessed it or even tried it (if they were lucky enough to have a gf who’d butt-finger them).

Tantric massaging focuses on all body triggers, one of them being the prostate. The area that triggers prostate pleasure is called the “P-Spot” or the prostate gland. It should be located about two knuckles deep, inside a guy’s ass. Should? Yes, should. It varies; tall guys may have the spot located slightly deeper while short guys may have it placed slightly shallower. Still, it’s not a huge difference, anyways.

Experts absolutely know what to do and how to trigger all sensitive spots (that result in a MINDBLOWING orgasm and heavy prostate milking) but if you’d like to try it for sport at home – trust your butt plug. They are amazing for various reasons – apart from being designed so they agree with human anatomy they are a safe way to stay “clean” and away from your partner in-butt. Yes, it does sound gross, but hey – we’re just being real.

Well, we wish you a fantastic tantric experience and we do hope your ass play is going to improve in 2017. Good luck!

Peter a gay lifestyle writer at The Gay UK magazine from UK and AU. His daily manta is “Squattin’ and cocktailin’ ”! Find more from Peter on Twitterand Facebook.




The benefits of massage have been enjoyed by civilisations beyond even the ancient Greeks and Romans. Massage has been a fundamental feature of the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, while 4,000-year-old writings place massage alongside acupuncture and herbal medicine as the key elements of Chinese medicine.

Numerous massage techniques have evolved over the centuries, each adding their own unique element to the basic principle that rubbing and stroking the whole body, or parts of the body, is pleasurable, energising and therapeutic.

Tantric massage is one of these techniques. Developed in Germany in the 1980s, it combines traditional styles of massage with aspects of yoga, bioenergetics (‘energy flow’) and, when appropriate, sex therapy. The result is a combination of the teachings of the East and an understanding of how they can be applied to our everyday Western lives. It’s suitable for men and women individually, and it can also be experienced as a couple.

The name of the massage comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tantra’, which refers to the ancient traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism – of which sexuality has always been a part. As the Tantric Massage Association puts it, “tantra accepts man in his totality. It interweaves the seeming opposites of good and evil, of so-called ‘holiness’ and ‘sinfulness’, of spirituality and sexuality, the body and mind”. From these ideas emerges the modern-day concept of well-being based on deep relaxation combined with the therapeutic confrontation of sexual issues.

If this sounds rather serious, rest assured: tantric massage is intended to be a completely pleasurable experience, which helps to account for its popularity. A treatment may begin with a relaxing shower, followed by a Swedish-style massage to ease the muscles and calm the mind. Then, using warm massage oil, the masseur will employ techniques to heighten sensuality and may introduce yogic breathing and meditation to enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the body. For men, this can be very helpful in dealing with issues around premature ejaculation.

Tantric massage is not intended to titillate the senses in a purely superficial manner, as might be the case with an erotic massage. It’s designed to go deeper and work with the body’s subtle energies, giving access to inner emotions that are often denied or withheld. A treatment is a powerful whole-body experience that can help you respond positively to issues in your life. Some describe it as a ‘flowing meditation’ with no fixed goals, where the internal sensations arising from the experience help to instil a permanently raised consciousness.

The Indian mystic and teacher Osho, who was an influential advocate for a more relaxed attitude towards sexuality, gets to the very essence of tantra in the following quote: “In your body there exists a subtle current of electricity, very subtle. But the subtler it is, the deeper it goes. Tantra is alchemy, it is like bringing electricity into your house. Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want”. Tantric massage will capture the spirit and joy of that experience.

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After few years working as an international gay escort, I found that personal connections were extremely rare and I wanted to find meaning in my line of work. I knew that the changes should come from me. It was in the middle of 2014 I had this urge to take a break and I went on a globetrotting adventure of self-discovery. For about 18 months I traveled the world.

From Hawaii, Thai, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, China, Cambodia, Laos, California and more, my travels gave me a wide range of skill sets. Other then learn and master different massage techniques along the way and understand what brought pleasure to different parts of the body, this journey also allowed me to see what made people connect to one another over many different cultures and countries. Having this unique experience gave me the ability to understand how to connect to others, and it underscored the reason why I went on this journey in the first place.

The teaching and interactions from experts in the massage field around the world plus many years of experience doing gay erotic massages, helped me to visualise a customised gay massage that relied on a true and personal connection. It is clear to me that a gay massage service that’s intimate and professional can be hard to find. Finding a service that’s caring and willing to deliver above and beyond can make all the difference in the world and from those ideas and principles Signature Gay Massage was created.

Founded on December 2015 on a luxurious and discreet studio, focuses on the tantric delivery of pleasurable pressure. More than just a massage, Signature Gay Massage is built on a truly extensive customer service relationship. It is located in the heart of London, just few steps from Piazza Covent Garden, and in few months it became the most reviewed gay massage service in London. It stands for the personable connection that I firmly believed in.




Tantra is arguably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practice today and a tantra massage or TANTRIC GAY MASSAGE has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years and has been used throughout cultures across the world. It was used for spiritual purposes and was believed to have remarkable sexual healing powers and also brought you closer to god. So how has something so revered and important reputation been dragged through the mud. in today’s society most people wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between gay tantric massage and prostitution when in reality they are worlds apart, lets take a look at some of the most notable differences.

GAY TANTRIC MASSAGE is a great and highly revered skill that takes years to perfect. At SIGNATURE GAY MASSAGE the masseur have gone through training and learnt a number of different techniques and been given the time to experiment and perfect his own style, so no two massages will be exactly the same. However the overall goal remains the same. Through a series of stroking and caressing motions triggering the body’s sensitive pressure points, they gradually build up and reduce the body’s natural energy. By doing this several times, the act of increasing and decreasing the flow energy makes the final climax something special and completely unique.

The TANTRIC GAY MASSAGE at Signature is totally about the client receiving and surrendering into the experience, it is in that place and space that something amazing happens to them. Prolonged orgasm following your session, is one of the results of a genuine gay tantric massage. When a client is occupied with what they are doing with the service provider, they are coming from the space of their “mind” not from the senses and will then lose 90% of what is possible to experience within a genuine tantric experience.

The breathing practice is vital in a genuine tantric experience and if you are able to leave all your worries outside your session and be totally present and connected to your breath it will move you from your mind into your sensory and into another space of being and into a place of surrender and receiving unconditionally. In that space you will experience things that you would not have ever dreamed of in your wildest imagination.

While no one can dispute the pleasure that comes with a tantric massage and the happiness you exert after experiencing one. But something that has been overlooked for many years are the physical health benefits that come with massage. While medical professionals have the known the benefits of deep tissue massage on muscle injuries, it’s beginning to appear that there is no limit to the health benefits of massage. In fact they are now being used as part of long term treatments for people recovering from serious illnesses and people suffering from bouts of depression.

So if you were a little unsure when starting this blog, I hope it has helped clear the area. There are little if any comparisons to be made with prostitution and those who practice the art of tantric massage should be praised and revered. to experience this magical art form for yourself, simply contact Signature Gay Massage and we can arrange an appointment at your nearest convenience.

For more articles about tantric massage please click HERE.




As a male therapist the past week has been an inspiring one. I had work with clients with incredibly varied expectations and needs both physically and psychologically and I have been asking myself, “What is it I do exactly?“ So what is gay massage? Or even more essential, why and how do we use the gay therapy in our life?

Well, we use is it as a painkiller, healing, to boost immunity, improve flexibility, reduce stress, it fends off headaches, it boosts your mood, it helps you get to now your body and its limits, it makes exercise feel easier, it can help with sleeping problems,  and many other reasons.

When you receive a gay massage you should ask yourself  what you seeking from your session? Are you looking for relief from a specific physical pain? Or maybe you just need someone to pet your head and tell you it’s all going to be okay. There is no right or wrong way to use massage. One function is not more legitimate than another, they are all in service of our human lives.

When you have some clarity as to what you are after, you can communicate that to your male massage therapist or bodyworker. In this way you communicates your needs and wishes and in turn your gay/male therapist can better help you.

Not knowing why you are getting a gay massage can also be a good place to be. Even after all this time, you are still getting heavenly bodywork from other practitioners who blend their techniques and experiences you never even knew were possible in the realm of touch. It’s really important for you to remain teachable and open to new experiences and not come to a session with a ‘this-is-the-only-way-a-gay-massage-should-feel’ kind of attitude.

If you have a strict definition of what gay massage is you wouldn’t be able to continue to grow as a therapist or as a receiver.

I continuously keep changing the blend of techniques and the flow of mysessions. I just follow my intuition, I feel the energy of our session, and mostly everything just happens!

Marcello @


For quite lengthy period of time, the recognition from the Sensual Male Tantric Massage continues to be indisputable. You will find lot of couples who’re really affix to this type of practice for it isn’t just for physical benefit or perhaps a mean to reduce stress, this is dependent on relationship enhancement for this enriches the closeness and trust of individuals who’re committed into lengthy term relationship.

It cannot be refused that numerous couples nowadays encounter problem with regards to closeness, most likely because of the stress they coping everyday or most likely they lack time to get along with one another. The possible lack of time can result in other serious problems like losing of spark within the relationship and unpredicted problems for example separation.

Making love, may have lost its intensity and passions may have fizzled out. Our bodies change, and so do our needs. What turned you on about each other when you first met, has most likely changed too. If you are honest with yourself, you may have had some fantasies that you would have liked to explore, but didn’t have the courage to communicate this desire to your beloved.

Sex, essentially, is the essence of creation; from the birth of all life, to the birth of passionate and artistic expression. For centuries man has tried to channel this energy into more fulfilling areas and higher states of consciousness.

Through Sensual Tantric Massage or Male Tantric Massage, one might uncover the romance to be together with his partner. Inside a relationship, the 2 must share exactly the same degree of closeness and also the two must oblige to understand they have responsibility related to one another and that might be a pleasant proceed to gain levels within the relationship.

When you book your Gay Tantric Massage with a professional you will not only fight stress, relax your body, improve breathing, get better health, curb impulses but also be able to learn how to perform your very own Male Tantric Massage and surprise your partner with a truly treat.

This openhearted and loving session can perfectly strengthen, enhance and re-ignite your passion for one another as a couple and to create a stronger bond of sexual intimacy with your lover.

By the purpose of look at professionals Tantra Masseurs, the engagement into male tantric massage is really a divine experience that’s in some way link to the non-secular sects from the Tantra. Tantra is really a word denotes personal growth when it comes to enjoyable existence.

Thus, this sensual massage will make you experience a thing that can provide you with pleasure in different ways and will lighten you up and all things in you. Like yoga or Zen, it is practiced for the purpose of enlightenment — and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life.

In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm equal spiritual awareness at its peak. However, there’s an important aspect people should know of the Male Tantric Massage. Its primary purpose isn’t purely for sex or even the like rather it aims to satisfy something much deeper experience between partners since it take advantage of the sexual energy and also the sexual energy in exchange give marvellous advantages to a person’s body.

Orgasm is not the big goal of Tantra. Instead, it’s just being in the moment and riding a wave of sensation and arousal (yours and your partner’s or masseur’s). If you focus on getting to one big bang at the end, you may miss out on tons of other “orgasmic joys” happening in your bodies along the way.

                       The key to a truly Tantra experience – BREATH

 If you can keep your body relaxed and your mind clear of the mundane, your “inner goddess” can be fully present. Using your breath, you can spread orgasmic energy from your genitals through your entire body. This allover tingling can lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner or masseur.

Now hold on a second! Before you grab your wallet and go running off for your neighborhood Tantric Massage Parlor, you have to understand that massaging your “wankie” isn’t the headline act of this Sunday matinée.

When you are looking for the kind of quick rub massage that you keep in mind from your days inside the Navy, those days are lengthy gone. Sure they nonetheless have those types of gay massage parlors or independent masseurs/escorts around but a very few offer a professional Male Tantric Massage.

The ancient Hindus believed that practically “every” part in the physique had to become massaged in order for it to be a “complete” physique massage. Obviously it does not take a genius to figure out what this all means.

For one particular issue, unlike the gay massage parlors that you recall, a Tantric massage takes substantially longer than five minutes. At Signature Gay Massage even if you have the possibility to book 1 hour, it’s recommended 90min or even 2 hours for the full experience and it will also involve elements including aroma and sound therapy at the same time. You are welcome to ask for aromatherapy oils during your session and you can indulge yourself with an aroma therapeutic bath before or after your Male Tantric Massage in London.

 Sexual experiences are one of our first spiritual experiences in life. It’s that moment in time when we fill ourselves with a calm present awareness, completely absorbed in the now, through a sexual orgasm.



If I can’t see beauty on the outside, I am guaranteed to find it on the inside. And I mean that with 100% sincerity. If you can see these men as being hurt, wounded children who are desperate for some loving attention (and not getting it from home) you can see their innocence and their desire to just feel connected to someone. Even if it is short-lived, it does feel good to be immersed up in someone’s arms.



You may be asking if a massage have to hurt to do any good and my answer is certainly not, but a good massage may bring your attention to areas of your body that do hurt or ache already. Massages should feel good to you and help you to let go of tension in your body.

If you are wondering which pressure you should ask for, you may need to experience a few massages to know what suits you best. As a general rule, levels of pressure are classified as light, moderate, firm and deep pressure. For your first massage, it’s a good idea to start out with moderate pressure and graduate to firm pressure, if you find that your tissue does not feel quite engaged enough by moderate pressure.

What is the difference in effects between the different levels of pressure?

Pressure refers to the amount of weight your therapist puts into the massage or how heavy-handed the massage is.

Light Pressure – increases circulation and pacifies the nerves. For people who bruise easily, have thinning skin or high levels of sensitivity to touch, light pressure is ideal. Approximately 15% of massage recipients do best with light pressure. If you get a light pressure massage and find that you are not quite letting go of tension, you probably need to go up a level in pressure.

 Moderate Pressure – is the next level up from light pressure. It involves more engaging massage strokes that knead and lift the muscles. About 30% of massage clients find moderate pressure to be ideal. Many people need a minimum of moderate pressure in order to feel that the massage is productive and truly releasing tension. It is just enough pressure to begin to loosen knots without being challenging for sensitive body types.

Firm Pressure – It takes a nice firm massage to get a very wound up “type A” personality to stop thinking and planning their to do list during their massage. Firm pressure is good for people with dense muscle tissue, chronic tension, a racing mind, an athletic body type or people who really want to flush their system out during the massage.

Deep Pressure – is often requested, but not always the best fit. About 20% of the population are ideal candidates for it. Because tensing up against the pressure and resisting the massage is counterproductive for the muscles and nerves, deep pressure is best for experienced massage clients who know how to breathe into painful areas of the body and work with the flow of the massage to truly let go of their knots and chronic pain. It’s great for people who are committed to working through areas of chronic tension, deep pain or old injuries.

Why do people say that a good deep tissue massage actually “hurts good”?

A ghost pain or referred pain that releases the pressure, tension and pain in an area of your body, actually feels good and hurts a little at the same time. It’s hard to describe, but those who have experienced this will be nodding their heads.There’s an amazing feeling of letting go that accompanies the “good hurt”, so to speak. Aggravating pain, however,causes your body to tense up and to resist the pressure or to fight the massage. Deep tissue massage aims to unwind and release the deeper layers of muscle and fascia in your body. It can be intense, but should not be torture. Aggravating massage inflicted pain is counterproductive.If you pay attention, you can feel the difference between the two.

Is it strange that some areas of my body are more sensitive and tender than others?

That is actually very common. Many people enjoy more pressure on their back massage than their legs or vice versa. Shoulders can often take more pressure than low back muscles. Feet can often take more pressure on the soles than the tops and the list goes on. Inform your massage therapist of areas that need more or less pressure than the rest.

Somehow there is an appropriate level of pain involved in the healing and releasing process. It’s not easy to find the right language to have this make sense on paper. However, once you find a massage therapist that is a good fit for you there are both verbal and non-verbal cues between the two of you that will allow the healing process to unfold like magic.

Signature Gay Massage is a great resource for you. I’d love to guide you in your quest for just the right service. Please call or text at +44 7931 505 809 to unwind atSignature Gay Massage



The keyword “M4M Massage” conjure all sorts of images – some more boiling than others. It’s a loaded keyword, certainly, but not necessarily in a negative sense.

Everyone has his own definition when it comes to Sensual Gay Massage or M4M Massage, so it is left open to the male masseur to give his own interpretation of what M4M Massage encompass.

For me a Sensual Gay Massage / M4M Massage is generally given as a full body therapy and combines traditional therapeutic massage with sensual arousal techniques that usually includes genital massage which may lead to orgasm. It is a massage that does not attempt to ignore sexual arousal but actively embraces it as the natural process that it is. The best M4M Massage should always be given to the whole body and as well as incorporate the effleurage and kneading techniques of traditional therapeutic massage. It will also include targeted arousal procedures thus creating an ebb and flow of erotic arousal and relaxation.

Erotic Gay Massage doesn’t have to be tainted with malice and should be given a chance to be seen as a regular physical therapy. Sensual Massage is, by definition, an extremely intimate act. Particularly when both the client and the masseur are gay, the massage can easily have sexual undertones. But a M4M Massage can also just be a therapeutic massage.

In a Male to Male Massage it’s very important the communication between the client and the male masseur. In other words, the clients can communicate what they desire from a massage, and the masseur can relay back what kind of massages they do, so the client knows exactly to expect from the gay massage.

On my Gay Massage Services page you will find different kinds of M4M Massage available in London and the purpose of all is to provide the customer with an experience where they are able to remain unconcerned as to how their body reacts to the touch and that the feeling of arousal is normal.

Different stroke in a therapy style are applied not just to stimulate libido, but to many health benefits as well. Massage helps the muscles and bones strong and healthy plus it can help refresh the mind during and after an erotic gay massage session. Tantric M4M massage also gives energy throughout the body and keeps your senses awake.

These arousal procedures can include very light fingertip touch, use of body-to-body contact, hugging, holding and breathing and more. My Gay Massage London is always given in a warm, caring, seductive environment. As a professional male therapist I emphasise the non judgemental supportive nature of the treatment enabling the “receiver to completely “let go” and experience, as naturally as possible, the bodies primal arousal systems.

As well as the traditional therapeutic techniques the sensual gay massage may include, according to the client’s request the Prostate Massage.

Increasingly Sensual Gay Massage or Male to Male Massage is being sought for those who are exploring their sexuality and wanting to experience sensual intimacy with same sex but in a situation that is without the pressure of expectation to perform or take part in any full sexual activity.


Benefits of M4M Massage:

  • It helps treat premature ejaculation
  • Personal growth
  • Relieves stress
  • Treats anxiety and other psychological problems
  • Regulates the blood flow in the body
  • Relaxes the muscles and builds strength
  • Promotes fertility
  • Good for the heart and other body organs
  • Improves social interactions
  • Strengthens relationship
  • Detoxifies the body
  • A need for sensual intimacy that may be missing from their daily lives
  • Sensual exploration to discover erogenous areas of the body
  • Sexuality exploration
  • Same sex intimacy

Straight men/Bi/Curious seeking Male to Male Erotic Massage

The traditional heterosexual man, who is either married, in relationship or single is becoming aware of the desire to experience sensual intimacy with another man. For some men this feeling can be comfortable and one that they feel happy to explore in their own time. However for many others the first step to M4M intimacy can be at best daunting and at worst a frightening almost incomprehensible thought and yet it is something that they know they want to experience. I’m very experienced with straight and curious and I always managed to make then feel comfortable after few minutes together. I would strongly recommend for first-timers the Tantric Massage or my Signature Massage. Please visit my website for more details

Respect for personal boundaries

The personal boundaries of both client and therapist must always be respected. If there is any aspect of the massage that you feel goes beyond your own personal boundaries then please let me know immediately. Equally if I feel my personal boundaries are being crossed I will indicate this politely and ask you to refrain from what you are doing. If this is not respected I am entitled to terminate the treatment without a refund of the fee.


All treatments are carried out in a clean professional environment and fresh towels and excellent shower facilities are available both before and after the treatment. If you have not showered within 1 hour before arriving for the appointment then you will be expected to take a shower before receiving the massage.

Oils / Shower / Body Wash & More

I use non aromatic therapeutic massage lotion of the highest quality available, organic body-wash, organic scrub, organic aromatherapy oils, clean towels. You are welcome to use deodorant, moisturise, hair products at the end of your session.


There is off street parking.


Massage therapy is not recommended for certain people:

  • People with infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
  • Immediately after surgery
  • Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor
  • People prone to blood clots as there is a risk of blood clots being dislodged.
  • If you have heart disease, please check with your doctor before having a massage.
  • Massage should not be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures.

Additional massage tips

Don’t eat a heavy meal before the massage. Drink plenty of water after the massage to flush out toxins released during the treatment.

What do I wear during my massage?

The massage is conducted fully nude. There is no need to be shy as I will be fully nude too. Full nudity is not a must though. If you would rather leave your underwear on you are welcome to do so. I can be clothed as well, if this is your preference.

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